William Roebuck

General Info

Custodian for the Salvation Army Church, part time Twitch streamer & Youtuber.

Known as Herobrain_gamer the developer of the Modded Madness modpacks and the Parkouring Course Series of maps for Minecraft.

Founder of Pixilare Media and is the main man behind most of the bigger projects at Pixilare Media.

Backgound Info


William Roebuck and/or Herobrain_gamer

Age nan


Studying at Athabasca University

Graduated from Salmon Arm Secondary

Contact Info

DMs on Twitter, Instagram, & Pateron will be checked

DMs through Discord, Steam, Reddit, CurseForge, & Youtube might be checked

DMs through Facebook, Twitch, Github, and anyother service that has DMs will be ignored.

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